AratosMedica chooses LTO Network's blockchain to work with medical data

Main Published on: May 08, 2020 Last updated: May 08, 2020

COVID-19 shows the frightening worst-case scenario in which healthcare providers face tremendous challenges in treating every patient with the utmost care. Fast and secure access to medical records of patients by medical personnel is inevitable and crucial for saving lives.

However, not only the worst-case scenario requires authorised access to relevant medical information, such as pre-conditions, allergies or medication. Sensitive groups, such as diabetes patients, patients with severe allergies or patients with various pre-conditions come across numerous emergencies in their lives.

In addition, during an emergency, a person in need might not be able to communicate. These situations are not predictable, but it is crucial to support first responders or healthcare professionals with as much information on the patient as possible. The constant access to this essential information could make the difference between life and death.

LTO Network - Use case - Medical Bracelet on Blockchain (AratosMedica)
AratosMedica and LTO Network are collaborating to provide a medical bracelet (tap2SOS), which enables the secure retrieval of medical data through LTO’s blockchain.

That is why AratosMedica chose LTO Network blockchain infrastructure to integrate with their wristbands, which focuses on the secure and accessible retrieval of crucial medical information.


AratosMedica created a simple, innovative and, most importantly, a low-cost solution which can be activated by a tap of a smartphone. The wristband is a simple wearable device equipped with the capabilities of NFC (Near Field Communication), which allows the communication with authorised smart devices. Every medical file and its crucial information are stored digitally on a cloud platform and directly secured by a blockchain. Furthermore, each wrist band receives its access key, which allows a clear association between electronic medical file and patient.

Blockchain to the rescue

Every new set of information is digitally stored and registered (hashed) on the blockchain, which creates an immutable and secure entry. By placing the hash of the data on the blockchain, the medical data is timestamped (Anchoring), and it cannot be corrupted.

“With the help of the LTO Network team, AratosMedica was able to release a unique GDPR-compliant blockchain/NFC solution for companies and governments. Using tap2SOS' software, which has unlimited data capacity several additional epidemiological data can be included such as coronavirus immunity after the patient’s healing and also in the future when the vaccine will be created, the holder’s certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 or any other vaccination against other potential illnesses that may occur. A fast and GDPR blockchain that only stores hashes of sensitive data in a fast and efficient way is critical, and therefore we're really excited about this partnership and our plans moving forward."

Peter Tjia, CEO of AratosMedica

The anchoring process provides a higher level of transparency, without over-complicating or changing the existing process. Furthermore, LTO Network is built with data privacy, such as GDPR. This regulation compliance is crucial for the case when it comes to dealing with sensitive information such as medical records and data, which require the highest form of data security.

“Aratos Technologies with their extensive experience has shown to be a great business partner that really think along the possibilities of what our fabric is capable of, as demonstrated through this first hardware project on LTO Network. Their wide portfolio offers much more opportunities to facilitate their clients in a more secure and efficient way!"

Martijn Broersma, COO of LTO Network

This collaboration between LTO Network and AratosMedica focuses on supporting both patients and healthcare providers across the world. This project combines the newest technologies, IoT, Cloud computing and blockchain, to create a simple, but innovative and low-cost solution that ensures the “on the spot” availability for crucial medical information.

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Martijn Broersma

Ex-COO of LTO Network