Bittopia and LTO Network collaboration paves the way towards decentralized education

Announcement Published on: Aug 29, 2023 Last updated: Aug 29, 2023

Bittopia, the first fully Decentralized Autonomous University, to build their vision using LTO Network’s powerful identity and digital assets focused blockchain.

Amsterdam, Aug 29, 2023

The world’s first fully Decentralized University, Bittopia chooses award winning blockchain LTO Network and their unique identity and digital assets platforms as the place where they will build the university model of the future.

The development and project team behind Bittopia has announced that they will choose Dutch Blockchain, LTO Network as their blockchain partner and will commence building their vision for the Decentralized Autonomous University of the future on LTO’s award winning blockchain.

Bittopia aims to bring a new decentralized model to the  higher education sector that focuses on combating the issues surrounding centralized structures for the preservation and transfer of knowledge.

Working closely with the project team behind the LTO Network blockchain, Bittopia aims to harness the unique capabilities of LTO Network’s identity and digital assets structures to build their platform on.

The partnership is potent and necessary as existing digital assets such as NFTs are given additional capabilities including the dynamic and multi-dimensional properties that the LTO Network enables via their upcoming Ownables technology. In addition to their digital assets platform, LTO Network will enable Bittopia to utilize their verifiable identity capabilities to harness the power of decentralization and produce a decentralized university that is like no other.

“Similar to some Hollywood blockbusters, such as Avatar and its sequel, the right technology and tools need to be available to bring the vision to life.

LTO Network and Bittopia’s collaboration represent the right time and tech to make the vision of decentralized education come to fruition.” says Amin Rafiee, the founder of Bittopia.

"Bittopia is exactly the type of partner we have been working to launch our Ownables and digital identity platforms with.

It's a visionary and unique model that could not exist without blockchain and in this day and age where a lot of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects are focussed on hype, we feel that Bittopia's concept for a decentralized university  is going to be the first major disruption to the education system we have seen this decade and a sign of things to come!" - Shawn Naderi (COO, LTO Network)

About LTO Network.

LTO Network is Europe's most advanced blockchain - fully decentralized and highly efficient. It is already being used worldwide by businesses, governments, institutions like the UN, the Dutch government, and more.

The network offers several technologies to provide solutions for decentralized data security, digital identities, privacy, and the ownership of digital assets and digital collectibles.

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