Corona Safety Indicator sensors

Adoption Published on: Oct 16, 2020 Last updated: Oct 16, 2020

Last week IBM and VIDT Datalink announced the Corona Safety Indicator sensor, which can help to identify poorly ventilated spaces where Covid-19 can thrive. These sensors will be integrated into their much-anticipated Internet of Environments project roll-out of which LTO Network is proud to be a part.

The importance of data integrity

Environmental data is an important source of information for social domains such as policy, legislation, taxation and investments. After all, the data is used to identify trends, to uncover connections and to demonstrate patterns. The important role of the data from these types of measurements makes them vulnerable to influence by parties with an interest in the developments within such a social domain. Integrity must therefore be guaranteed when designing a process for recording these environmental measurements.

About the solution

This indicator, manufactured by Factory Lab, will greatly help in the battle against Covid-19 by measuring the air quality in a room. The resulting data will pass through the VIDT Datalink architecture where it is anchored on the IBM Hyperledger and LTO Network blockchain for data integrity purposes.This process proves that all data is pristine and untouched by any nefarious actors who may have a vested interest in manipulating the data for political or cost-saving ends. The IBM Watson supercomputer then analyzes the data, looking for patterns and trends which will help it to make accurate predictions.

Obviously, in these present times, Covid-19 is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It is known that tiny droplets from the breath of an infected person hang in the air around them, which can propagate the disease. Therefore, a sensor that indicates ventilation levels a room achieves which plays an extremely important role in society’s fight against this disease.

The indicators can be clearly displayed in all rooms for everyone to see. Anyone wishing to know an up-to-the-minute measurement of the surrounding air quality in the room they are occupying can simply scan a QR code and immediately receive a simple 6-stage traffic light read-out.

Overall air quality information for all rooms in a given building are available on a clear-to-read online dashboard for the benefit of the building’s owner. Poor quality air measurements are reported, all data history is stored, and real time analysis can be accessed at any time.

The Corona Safety Indicator sensors will be ideal for places such as government buildings, schools, offices, homes, and basically any space where people gather together.

V-ID’s clientTrivire is a large real estate holder and rental company in southern parts of the Netherlands. V-ID currently protects the authenticity of all Trivire’s documentation and audit reports. In addition, it is expected that Trivire will be the first company to have sensors installed across all their 14,000 properties in the city of Dordrecht.

With sensors both in and outside of buildings that analyze pollutants, temperature, humidity and suchlike, this totally enveloping network of data-collecting instruments will dramatically aid cities and their governing authorities to monitor and reduce all factors injurious to health and the environment.

Every minute

The sensors in the Corona Safety Indicator measure the quality of the air in a room every minute to keep up with the actual air quality. This is displayed via the QR code on a clear six-point “traffic light” scale, without the need to log in or register. Ventilation advice is also given. In addition, the information is shared with the owner via a clear online dashboard, with reports of potentially risky values. The measurement data is stored for viewing the history and for risk pattern analysis.

When the first batch of the indicators are installed within the spaces, there will be test runs on the intervals of data anchoring in separate stages to meet the requirements. The interval testing is scheduled to be on 3 separate cycles: hourly, every 4 hours and every 24 hours. The standard of the intervals will eventually be finalized and agreed by the involved parties.

About Internet Of Environments

IOE is an initiative from V-ID and IBM, with a growing number of participating companies, like LTO Network, Factorylab and Trivire.

One of IOE’s goals is sensing and analysing environmental data such as micro-dust, humidity, CO2-levels and temperature, which can be helpful in many ways: reduction of wasteful energy use, amplifying healthy and comfortable environments for communities, and recognizing risk factors before they occur.

About V-ID

V-ID provides a service that detects any unlawful manipulation of any digital file. In order to make files verifiable, they must be validated. V-ID’s validation process involves extracting the fingerprints of files and saving them in the blockchain. If a file is changed with just one byte, pixel, character or anything else, the fingerprint is changed and V-ID will detect it 100%.

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