When corporate venture building blends with blockchain: Byld and LTO Network

Main Published on: Jan 30, 2020 Last updated: Feb 09, 2020

Creating a company from scratch is not an easy task, but it's much better if you have the best partners since the beginning... Source.

That's why Byld and LTO Network are now partners in the development and implementation of new ventures and projects. Byld is a Corporate Venture Builder based in Madrid.

Talking about new ventures, the projects and the companies behind them are the ones who get the greatest benefit out of this collaboration. The possibility of having new business models experts blended with blockchain experts since the beginning of the projects, at their conceptualization phase, gives the opportunity to generate customized solutions providing great know-how and a potentially unfair advantage in the market about to be explored.

“While Byld contributes with the business model, value proposition and the general strategy of the business, LTO Network provides great blockchain technology, which might be at the core of future projects considering the strong trends regarding decentralization and transparency that we've been seeing at the market.”

Carol Menezes, Head of Marketing and Business Design at Byld

For further knowledge on these two companies: on the one hand, Byld already works with corporations such as Coca-Cola, Porsche, Cemex Ventures, Ferrovial, among others (you can find some of their work here); while LTO Network has partnered with IBM, ONU, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure among others (you can get to know their work better here).

LTO Network’s most recent global product, Proofi, is about to be launched soon and will be adopted by Byld in their daily operations.

“We became really excited about Byld’s corporate venture approach, after learning about Byld via our advisor Pedro Irujo. We are very excited about this collaboration since blockchain is often deemed complicated and cumbersome for corporates.”

Martijn Broersma, COO of LTO Network

Byld, with their business-to-tech translation capability, is therefore uniquely positioned to foster LTO Network blockchain adoption into corporates with their extensive experience. We’re looking forward to the first collaborations!

Check out the PR in Spanish.

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