LTO Network and DWF Labs Collaborate to Drive RWA Tokenization and Market Expansion

Main Published on: Jun 13, 2024 Last updated: Jun 13, 2024

RWA focused Layer-1 project, LTO Network have announced a partnership with DWF Labs, the new generation market maker and investment firm to bring DWF Labs’s innovative market making solutions to enhance LTO Network’s capabilities.

This partnership will enhance LTO Network’s liquidity and open further business cooperation between the two companies.

LTO Network sees DWF Labs’s involvement playing a pivotal role in their network’s operations as they further expand with their much anticipated RWA and tokenization ecosystem. The extensive experience of DWF Labs will support LTO Network in offering increased token access through additional exchanges, creating additional value for the token through further partnerships and utilization of the network, especially in Asia.

Andrei Grachev, Managing Partner of DWF Labs, said: “LTO Network and their unique blockchain capabilities caught our attention and we are excited to stand side by side as a partner to see them take charge in one of the most exciting and rapidly growing sectors of the crypto world, RWAs. There are a number of regions which will be very receptive to what LTO is doing and we will work together to ensure these goals are mutually achieved.”

The two companies are set to take immediate steps for working together, with collateral provided by LTO Network to the DWF Labs team for the immediate engagement of their market making services.

“DWF Labs is one of the most prominent businesses in the Crypto space over the last 2 years and their expertise and support will help us realize our vision and goals to be the leading RWA focused Layer-1 blockchain.” said Rick Schmitz, CEO of LTO Network

About LTO Network

LTO Network is a privacy-aware Layer-1 blockchain for Real World Assets, Data Security and Identity Solutions.

The platform is designed for business process efficiency and security. It combines a public layer for transparency and a private layer for data security, ensuring GDPR and MiCA compliance.

This dual-layer approach makes it ideal for enterprises requiring data privacy and regulatory adherence.

LTO Network also offers tokenization of RWAs through their Ownables technology, enabling assets to be brought on-chain and allowing them to interact with the world of DeFi and Web3.

LTO Network's KYC services help maintain compliance with anti-money laundering laws as well as offering proof of humanity services to protect Web3 and DeFi platforms from bots.

About DWF Labs

DWF Labs is the new generation Web3 investor and market maker, one of the world's largest high-frequency cryptocurrency trading entities, which trades spot and derivatives markets on over 60 top exchanges.

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