LTO Network entering a new phase.

Main Published on: Aug 27, 2020 Last updated: Aug 27, 2020

It has been a very hectic and busy month for LTO Network despite the fewer amount of news we published. The team has been working in silence for the past period and are ready to enter a new phase.

As the majority of the community might have already noticed, Ivan Golovko is resigning from the chief marketing officer (CMO) role at LTO Network and has decided to pursue his own path in the future.

Ivan was a really strong individual both in terms of work ability and personality. Ivan was a part of the LTO Network team from the very beginning at the token sale all the way to where we stand today, a strong, independent and one of the most reputable blockchain projects within the Netherlands. It is undeniable that Ivan played an important role within the project and has built up the amazing community we have right now. The team sincerely wants to take the time and appreciate the contribution Ivan has made for the project and wish him all the best in his future career.

Meanwhile LTO Network has been looking to expand the project to a truly global brand.

LTO Network is set and ready to move forward onto the next step within the corporate adoption. The next first step of LTO Network is to put it’s name out there, build up a strong community like we have in the Western part of the globe and to enter the Asian market.Therefore it would have been a good strategic move to onboard a new communication point and a new face in order to execute this as smooth as flawless.

Executive team introduces a face from outside the company. Christian Zhang is the new chief marketing officer (CMO) for LTO Network.

About Christian -

Christian is a trilingual veteran within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. His previous experiences involve both Western and Asian projects and venture capital. Christian was the chief marketing officer of Wandarin Capital, an venture capital based in Taiwan, where he worked for two years. However he has been around in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry since early 2017. Throughout his career, Christian has also done many community management work for several projects such as Fantom and COTI during the early stages of ICO phase and participated in the whitepaper translation for multiple cryptocurrency projects. Christian will be responsible for leading all aspects of the global marketing organization, including corporate marketing, partner, segment and field marketing.

Rick Schmitz, chief executive officer, commented on the new CMO.

“ We are excited to have Christian bringing his experience and industry prowess to LTO Network, ” he said. “Christian’s passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency aligns well with our vision and his expertise will take LTO Network to new heights.”

Christian Zhang

CMO of LTO Network