LTO Network - Quarter 1 Recap, 2023.

Main Published on: Apr 05, 2023 Last updated: Apr 05, 2023


1. Introduction

2. 2023 Roadmap

3. Quarter 1 2023 Operations

4. 2023 Roadmap Community Hub (Dev Team AMA)

5. Developments

6. Development Team Update

7. Community Awards

8. NFT Paris Event

9. New Exchange Listing

10. Visit to Coinmerce

11. 30,000 Twitter Followers

12. Ownables Pre-Alpha + General dev team AMA

13. Closing Words

1. Introduction.

Welcome to our Q1 recap! Your comprehensive overview of everything that happened at LTO Network over the past three months.

It has been another exciting period for LTO Network, with significant developments and achievements in various areas.

Let's dive in!

2. 2023 Roadmap.

2023 Roadmap Overview.

Our zealous 2023 Roadmap outlines the main objectives and shares the vision and goals of LTO Network for this year and beyond.

3. Quarter 1 2023 Operations.

During the first quarter of 2023, clients performed 4,893,028 Operations on the LTO Network blockchain.

4. 2023 Roadmap Community Hub (Dev Team AMA)

The Development Team demonstrated its commitment by candidly responding to the community's most pressing questions and providing intriguing glimpses into the future of LTO Network.

Here's a recap:

Dev Team represented by:

Arnold Daniels — (Chief Architect, LTO Network)

Benas — (Developer, LTO Network)

Andre — (Developer, LTO Network)

5. Developments.

Development Update & Progress

Proofi 1.0 – Complete

Proofi Legal Review – In Progress

Ownables Public Alpha – In Progress

Ownables Bridge – In Progress

Ownables SDK – In Progress

Universal Wallet – In Progress

6. Development Team Update.

Universal Wallet.

. Development of version 1.0 of our Universal Wallet is almost complete. The first release will provide similar functionality as the existing web wallet. More features will be added with each update.

. We have set up our app store. Currently, we are working with Wealize to add mobile-specific functionalities like a biometric login, then wider testing can begin.

. Universal Wallet v1.0 will be released after two phases of testing.


. The dev team is working diligently to deliver the first public Ownables SDK

. We are also building our Ownables Bridge. Development on the Ownables Bridge currently focuses on NFT contract interactions.

. An Ownables demo was prepared for the NFT Paris event

. We are also working on several aspects of the bridge. One is the import function of packages (files) to the bridge. The event chain shows if the Ownables is locked or not.

. We overhauled the smart contracts for Ownables and are currently adjusting and optimizing them. Due to this, all the demos and templates needed to be updated.

. We are making sure that the Ownables SDK is easy for developers to get started.

. The dev team is scripting video content to introduce developers to the alpha SDK.

. We are working on taking additional steps with some of the projects and teams we met at NFT Paris regarding Ownables.

LTO Land Registration Software.

. Current developments focus on the structural aspects of GoLand, including the new UI.

. A demo app is in the works to demonstrate how GoLand can be integrated into other projects.

. In addition, we are exploring the option of running GoLand on Amazon Web Services.

. We have met with our partners to discuss and confirm the final requirements based on the templates they provided. We then carefully reviewed each step to ensure a smooth process moving forward.


. On the application side of things, Proofi is in the process of being polished while we are working on the pricing structure for the product.

. The Dev Team is preparing a fictional NFT demo to test Proofi in a real-world scenario.

. A new demo project is in development, which includes the deployment of a new smart contract on the testnet.

Cosmos Integration.

. The team has discussed a formal planning phase for the Cosmos integration.

Testnet Explorer.

. The Testnet Explorer is live!

7. Community Awards.

We held an award show in the official Telegram channel to recognize and reward the most dedicated and engaged members of the LTO Network Community.

Thirteen exceptional individuals across eight categories were recognized for their outstanding contributions. They were awarded with LTO Network's exclusive limited-edition hoodies and t-shirts!

8. NFT Paris Event.

From February 24 to 25, LTO Network was on the ground at NFT Paris to present Ownables to businesses and creators in the web3-space for the first time.

At the event, dynamic NFTs were an omnipresent topic, on-chain storage certainly wasn't unheard of, and some projects have already implemented unlockable content. Nevertheless, a complete solution like Ownables, with added privacy options and cross-chain capabilities, among many other features, was a novelty.

We are happy to report that our ultimate digital collectibles were met with great interest and that nearly all our conversations led to follow-up opportunities.

9. New Exchange Listing.

We are excited to announce that we are now listed on BitMart Exchange!

10. Visit to Coinmerce.

We paid a visit to the office of our friends at Coinmerce. We look forward to further collaborations with this smart and dedicated team of builders.

11. 30,000 Twitter Followers.

We hit a new milestone of 30,000 followers on Twitter!

Thank you to our fantastic community for their unwavering support.

12. Ownables Pre-Alpha + General dev team AMA.

We hosted an incredible AMA session with our Development Team.

Read the full recap here:

Dev Team represented by:

Arnold Daniels — (Chief Architect, LTO Network)

Benas — (Developer, LTO Network)

Andre — (Developer, LTO Network)

13. Closing Words.

We conclude this recap by highlighting LTO Network’s deliberate focus on creating synergies between our teams. One example is how our dev team is paying attention to delivering intermediate steps that our business development team can directly utilize.

Thank you for reading!

About LTO Network.

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