LTO Network & Unizen Community Hub Recap

RWA Published on: Jan 19, 2024 Last updated: Jan 19, 2024

We recently had an AMA session in the Unizen community, where we delved into our partnership details and expounded on our strategy regarding Real World Assets (RWAs).
We're excited to provide you with a recap of the insightful discussions!


Shawn Naderi - COO, LTO Network

Simon Berglund - Head Of Business Development, Unizen

Without any more delay, let's delve into this recap!


Q: Would you mind giving our community a brief intro to LTO Network?

Our network is a Layer 1 for RWAs, Identities, and Decentralized Ownership. We are a blue-chip style project with a strong background in high-end enterprise solutions. We have worked with the United Nations, IBM, and the Dutch Government.” - Shawn Naderi (LTO Network)

Q: Tell us about LTO Network and your unique value offer.

LTO Network is pretty unique; most blockchains have a public ledger only. LTO Network has what is called a "Private Layer," where each node allows for sensitive data to be protected from the public, but the results of using that sensitive data can be recorded on the public blockchain. What this means is that we can make solutions focused around privacy, identities, and most importantly, regulatory compliance because we can follow strict government privacy guidelines.” - Shawn Naderi (LTO Network)

Q: What is the relation to and impact/effect on RWAs? Perhaps you could expand on this?

RWAs are digital tokens that represent physical and traditional financial assets. Bringing them on-chain and BACK off-chain successfully requires a more decentralized approach, which most networks cannot offer due to the fact that everything is public. With our Private Layer, we can combine identity data as well as our integration with legal frameworks to bring true ownership to RWAs.” - Shawn Naderi (LTO Network)

Q: It seems that there is significant potential within the DeFi space concerning RWAs!

The DeFi space for RWAs is projected to be worth up to 16 TRILLION US dollars by 2030! This is, in my opinion, going to be the biggest driver of Web3 as a whole. Projects that focus on RWAs now will be leaders in this space, and our aim is to be the most comprehensive ecosystem for RWAs.” - Shawn Naderi (LTO Network)

Q: There is no denying the incredible potential of RWAs. How does this align with our partnership goals?

Our aim is to bring RWAs on-chain and connect them to DeFi liquidity. Unizen has an amazing platform for DeFi liquidity access.” - Shawn Naderi (LTO Network)
We're aiming to tie in our DeFi liquidity with the RWA platform that LTO is building. Making Unizen the liquidity provider for RWA transactions on-chain. This is also a completely new use case for our API. We highly believe in the RWA narrative, and LTO is the perfect partner for us to enter into that market.” - Simon Berglund (Unizen)

Q: That’s a great explanation, guys - How does this relate to our joint institutional DeFi offer? Would you, gents, mind expanding on this?

The technologies we use to deliver RWAs, as well as our other identity technology, allow us to be regulatory compliant. One particular product we have is called Proofi, which is used to bring KYC and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) to Web3 wallets that participate in DeFi and RWAs. Unizen has a strong demand for this technology, which Simon can elaborate on.” - Shawn Naderi (LTO Network)
So, we're forming a joint Institutional DeFi offer! This partnership is a really important step for us to be able to act as a DeFi gateway for financial institutions and others looking to access DeFi fast, securely, and compliantly. The idea for this kind of partnership has been around for a long time, but as we went into talks with more and more financial institutions, we realized that the demand is huge, and a partnership like this really enables us to become that DeFi gateway. LTO x Unizen is a groundbreaking partnership where we come together with our respective tech to be that DeFi gateway. Instead of Unizen looking to solve the issues with KYCs, etc., which financial institutions require, we've found LTO who are experts in the field. While we can focus on being the gateway for liquidity and high-performing trades.” - Simon Berglund (Unizen)

Yeah, this is great. We are experts in KYC, regulations, and RWAs, and your team are experts in DeFi... a match made in heaven!” - Shawn Naderi (LTO Network)

Q: How has this impacted our (Unizen’s) current deal structure and conversations with existing institutional partners and future ones - i.e., TradFi, Banks, etc?

This has allowed us to progress with the multiple financial institutions we've been in prolonged talks with. And we've been met with great excitement from these partners! This has been an important piece of the puzzle for us to be able to meet the requirements of the banks, institutions, etc. We're now taking this to market, which also opens up new doors to us. We’re not being limited to the already ongoing conversations. We're also cross-pollinating our networks for this to have the most amount of impact!” - Simon Berglund (Unizen)

Q: Can you confirm that we are indeed in negotiations with banks?

Yes, sir! Multiple banks.” - Simon Berglund (Unizen)

Q: What are the immediate strategies to expand these conversations?

We'll be meeting with several new potential partners and clients for this offer. We're also focusing our presence on where these institutions are operating. As well as marketing efforts to get this unique offer the right traction. The goal is that we'll be the obvious partner for DeFi access.” - Simon Berglund (Unizen)

Q: Are there any particular geographies that are showing interest?

We're seeing demand from European banks who are looking to move closer to DeFi. We're also seeing movements in the Latin American market where demand for crypto overall is heavily increasing.”  - Simon Berglund (Unizen)

Q: Are you going to bring RWAs to Unizen?

We will be launching a platform called EQTY later this year. This will be where all the action for RWAs happens, and there will be several integrations of the EQTY platform and Unizen. Stay tuned.” - Shawn Naderi (LTO Network)

Q: Regarding the project's (LTO) roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team lead the market?

On the Business Development and marketing roadmap, the most important next priority is expanding the reach of our API. Acquiring multiple partners in all parts of Web3, but also focusing on getting our API to companies that previously haven't had any DeFi access. Allowing us to be that gateway. Our strongest advantage is and will always be our product, where our powerful trade engine is a definite choice when you want to access DeFi fast, securely, and cost-efficiently. The partnership with LTO is also a huge advantage and allows us to enable DeFi in places where we previously weren’t able to.” - Shawn Naderi (LTO Network)

Q: Is EQTY where the RWAs will connect to DeFi?

Unizen has several possibilities for LTO. We are exploring the limitations within regulatory frameworks. Where possible, we will harness the power of Unizen.” - Shawn Naderi (LTO Network)

Q: Perhaps you could articulate the reason for bringing RWAs and DeFi liquidity together?

Businesses in the real world have assets that generate yield, and this may produce nice steady income, but the business itself needs access to liquidity in order to pursue other ventures. Often, getting bank loans against these assets involves high amounts of interest or has too many limitations. So, these businesses can bring their RWAs on-chain to marketplaces, which will return liquidity back to the businesses. They can then use this liquidity to pursue others interested in the real world. This also brings more stability to DeFi. Being able to generate yield from proven, trustworthy, and stable assets will bring stability to the DeFi world.” - Shawn Naderi (LTO Network)

Closing Words

​​According to our estimations, Real World Assets (RWAs) will be the biggest thing in crypto for the next few years. Unizen and LTO Network will offer a powerful solution for bringing DeFi and RWAs together. We look forward to seeing this promising partnership flourishing.

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