Immediate verification of certificates: NEN x LTO Network

Adoption Published on: Aug 08, 2019 Last updated: Jun 04, 2020

NEN, the Dutch Standardization Institute, a member of ISO – launches a new solution in collaboration with Dutch blockchain platform LTO Network with which certificates can be verified on the spot.

NEN and LTO Network will provide certificates with a “smart” QR code that is linked to the LTO Network blockchain. In this way, everyone can see at a glance whether a certificate is valid and actually belongs to the person or institution mentioned.

Update: June 4, 2020

Blockchain technology

At NEN, all certificates are now registered in a centralized system. This system is well protected, but having only one source of truth remains a potential vulnerability. Blockchain technology offers the possibility of storing certificates decentrally and to provide them with a smart QR code. This guarantees authenticity, which can easily be verified by the users themselves.

Smart QR codes

Updates and changes to the certificates are automatically linked to smart QR codes, which are re-recorded (hashed) on the blockchain platform. This information corresponds to NEN’s Certificate Registration System. This way, if you use “hashed” QR codes, the validity of a certificate can be verified by anyone at any time with a push of a button.

Involved in project

In addition to NEN and LTO Network, Scantrust (supplier of smart QR code) and BettyBlocks (the Application platform) are also involved in the project. It is expected that the first certificates can be verified in this way in the last quarter of this year.

“Innovation is of paramount importance to NEN. This project shows that we are constantly working to improve our services with regard to the application of standards, so as to remain relevant”

Harmen Willemse, NEN

About NEN

Strong agreements are important. If safety is at stake, they are even of vital importance. NEN is the center of standardization in the Netherlands. NEN helps parties agree to clear and usable terms with each other and to implement these. NEN also helps s Dutch companies and parties to make agreements with centers in other countries at an international level.

See the official press release by NEN in Dutch here.

About LTO Network:

Organizations have generally automated their processes well. However, when parties work together outside their own organization, everything is still done via e-mail, regular mail or telephone. LTO Network is a blockchain that makes it possible to automate processes across chains, where everyone shares information in a safe and efficient way. LTO Network is also a member of the standards committee and INATBA.

“This is a major step for the entire blockchain industry. It was already an honor working on ISO/TC307 defining the ISO standards on blockchain and DLT. But with this collaboration we are taking it to the next level. Implementing LTO Networks Live Contracts to streamline data processing and distribution of business logic to all stakeholders involved in the certification process. Ecosystem V is rapidly growing!”

Rick Schmitz, CEO of LTO Network

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