NEN Q4 Update

Main Published on: Oct 09, 2020 Last updated: Oct 09, 2020

In 2019 LTO Network launched a new solution in collaboration with NEN, the Dutch Standardization Institute and respected member of ISO, that made it possible to verify official certificates in real time. Specifically, NEN and LTO Network will provide certificates with a smart QR code that is linked to the LTO Network blockchain. This way, the solution allows any party to verify at a moment's glance not only the validity of the certificate but also the verification of origin to the person or institution it belongs.

About NEN

NEN is unequivocally the center of standardization Institute within the Netherlands. They help parties agree to and implement clear and usable terms with each other. For this reason, strong agreements arguably are of vital importance when these terms begin to transcend multiple countries at an international level.

About the solution

Certificates are currently  being issued digitally as well as in hard copy often valid for 3 - 5 years.  All certificates are registered in a centralized system. These systems are well protected, but having only one source of truth remains a potential vulnerability. Aside from that, many changes can take place over the 3 - 5 year span and is not unlikely that the certificates could possibly be withdrawn or suspended. Being that the hard copy / paper version of the certificate does not change, the challenge was to make those certificates dynamic and verifiable while keeping sure that the certificate remained valid. Blockchain technology offers the possibility of storing certificates decentrally and to provide them with a smart QR code. This guarantees authenticity, which can easily be verified by the users themselves.

Back in June, we spoke with the program manager of NEN about the ISO standards, certificates, the first rollout with ScanTrust QR Codes, implementation within BettyBlocks, and further evolution to Live Certificates on the blockchain. A couple of months passed by and as of current, all newly issued certificates are anchored onto the LTO Network. We remained closely involved with NEN in the past months and they did an amazing job by expanding the solution to be used for standardization schemes in other industries thereby expanding new certifying organizations and standards to each industry. We are noticing a significant increase in the number and transactions due to this expansion and look forward to the future growth from onboarding new parties that are joining us soon!

Until now, NEN has offered over 200 certificates from more than 10 different industries including: Labor & Safety, IT, Construction, Security and many more.

How does the solution work?

Each certificate will be issued with an unique QR code

Each certificate has it’s unique number that will be used for the registration process through a specific webpage from NEN. The certificate will then be linked digitally with a smart QR code.
The registration will be reviewed and pending approval by NEN, the certificate is sent to Betty Blocks(NEN certificate database) for acquisition of a unique fingerprint of the transaction anchored onto the LTO blockchain.

The digital smart QR code can be added into an email for example, where digital verification is required.This QR code is uniquely coupled to the actual certificate.

Using secure, uncopyable QR codes and blockchain technology, NEN is now powered with transparency into their supply chains and has the ability to directly engage in meaningful, two-way conversations with their end-consumers. Updates and changes to the certificates are automatically linked to smart QR codes, which are re-recorded (hashed) on the blockchain platform in direct correspondence to NEN’s Certificate Registration System. This way, if you use “hashed” QR codes, the validity of a certificate can be verified by anyone at any time with a push of a button.

For a more in depth and technical explanation please view the video below.

Entering a new stage

We are currently working with multiple parties on a project where certain types of data will be obtained from sensors and are registered in black boxes. Those Black boxes will be certified by NEN and then anchored onto the LTO blockchain for integrity and immutability. The data within the black boxes can be reviewed by third parties and authorities, to make sure that everything is in order and meets the requirements of the standard for which the certificate was issued.

More details will be revealed in the near future. Stay tuned.

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Christian Zhang

CMO of LTO Network