LTO Network is proud to join NGI LEDGER as Supportive Partner

Main Published on: Jan 20, 2020 Last updated: Apr 09, 2020

We are proud to collaborate with LEDGER - a project funded by the European Union with the aim to foster innovation. Being surrounded by so many great organizations, it’s an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs and researchers to get involved in! Learn how you can apply for up to €200,000 equity-free funding.

“We are delighted to welcome LTO Network as a supportive partner to the LedgerEu community and look forward to learning more about their community-driven platform. Any innovators, you can still apply to our current 2nd open call.“

Andres Sanchez, Ledger Coordinator

LEDGER is part of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, launched by Digital Single Market of the European Commission. LEDGER was funded by the European Union Grant Agreement no 825268, and is led by FundingBox, Blumorpho, and It is positioned as “The Venture Builder for Human Centric Solutions”.

Leading partners of LEDGER are an amazing community to be around, and we are excited to be contributing to the project! Learn more about them:

  • FundingBox: an open, collaborative space where professionals from all over the globe find inspiration and funding opportunities - being the catalyst of growth.
  • a non-profit digital community and free software foundry, very well-known in Europe and in the Netherlands especially.
  • Blumorpho: an expert in deeptech. Their mission is to explore, demonstrate and capture value in adopting new technical solutions and innovative business models. Having previously worked with Bosch, Alibaba Cloud, etc.

“Looking at the other partners, we’re surrounding ourselves amongst amazing minds, just one year after launching our mainnet. Open-source blockchain fabrics have a great future, and we’re excited to help bring new applications to life.”

Martijn Broersma, COO of LTO Network

Now, onto what this is all about...

The Initiative: Human Centric Solutions

The goal of NGI Ledger is to empower people to solve problems using decentralised technologies such as blockchain, peer to peer or distributed ledger technologies.

In collaboration with partners and by supporting entrepreneurs with funding, 32 projects are to be selected to build MVPs where “privacy by design, openness and citizen data sovereignty are at the core of their proposition.” In 2019, the jury has already chosen 16 out of 33 projects, ranging from cloud solutions, to cooperative tools, and developer toolkits. Check them out.

Projects need to have a solid research background, and will result in Minimum Viable Products spanning into 6 verticals: Health, Economy, Mobility, Public Services, Energy & Sustainability plus one open to other topics and named Open Innovation. See the work programme.

LEDGER will invest €5.6m in projects willing to build human centric solutions using decentralised technologies where citizens retain control over their data. This is an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs, designers, developers, business people - to really make a positive influence and create value.

The winners will get incredible support in form of:

  • Up to €200.000 equity-free funding
  • An expert researcher in residence to support the selected teams along the full programme
  • A venture builder programme for up to 12 months with business mentors, camps, technological vouchers, training and demo days
  • Access to market and support to raise further investment for the best projects in class

How can you apply? Here is the 2nd Open Call information.

“You can choose whatever stack, blockchain, or features you want - be it LTO Network, Ethereum, Bitcoin, or whatever suits you best. Our goal is to contribute our resources, expertise, and help drive innovation for decentralized technologies.”

Building on LTO Network? This will help!

The list of materials and sources is constantly improving. As we evolved from a centralized company a couple of years ago, it takes time to make sure that our tools become properly open-source ready, understandable, and clear. If you cannot find something or would like to get help - we can help you.

Here is a list of sources that can help you kick it off:

Our community is super diverse and substance-driven, and we always welcome new opportunities. We understand starting off with a new blockchain platform can be confusing - so we are there to help you with all the information you need!

We will have a separate piece on “Why build on LTO Network and How” where we will outline more details. As that is getting ready, join our technical chat.

An amazing jump forward for LTO Network

“As we have been getting traction with end-client solutions, the goal for expansion in 2020 is to release our own blockchain-enhanced product suite and… become more open-source oriented increasing our network of developers and entrepreneurs - making LTO Network the platform of choice for them!”

Ivan Golovko, CMO of LTO Network

If there are any questions left, please don’t hesitate to chat us up on any platform. We are very keen on explaining what you can do with LTO Network, help you with research or building, and make sure the blockchain technology finds more valuable solutions and users.

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