Main Published on: Nov 17, 2021 Last updated: Nov 17, 2021

This year we launched Cobalt—our biggest update yet. It brought Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials, allowing LTO Network to be used as an identity platform.

Identities are the base layers that define us and everything around us. They form the foundation for our next major update, TITANIUM.

TITANIUM is the next generation of digital assets.

TITANIUM will focus on digital ownership.

NFTs are a step in the right direction to manage ownership in a decentralized way. But the issue with existing NFT technology is that you are not actually holding any assets, like images, video, or audio. They live on someone else's centralized server.

TITANIUM is our solution to this problem.

TITANIUM allows you to issue truly decentralized NFTs — aka NFT2.0.

With NFT2.0, assets that belong to an NFT are in your possession. You manage them in your wallet (on your phone or laptop), maintaining full control. You can trade your assets with other users directly. Third-parties are not necessarily required.

The possibilities are infinite. Anything can be turned into an NFT. Whether it's your art, your car, or your house... your assets can become part of the metaverse. Using NFT2.0 in the open metaverse, you will have the power to create something in one world, and bring it with you to the next.

Naturally, most users will want the ability to trade their NFTs on platforms like OpenSea and Rarible. To allow this, NFT2.0 will be available cross-chain using our partnership with ChainLINK and their world-class technologies.

With NFT2.0, TITANIUM will empower content creators worldwide, such as artists, musicians, game developers (and more) to develop, build and expand their own worlds.


Q4 2021

The last quarter of this year, we'll round up Cobalt with the Cobalt Alloy mainnet update. This update adds a new transaction type which makes it easier to register Decentralized Identities (DIDs).

We're concluding Cobalt with the release of two real-world projects; the first is an initial DIDs collaboration with ChainLINK, and the second is the MyCompanyWallet by LTO Network, Sphereon, and Firm24.

In December 2021, we will release the NFT2.0 Litepaper. It will provide an in-depth explanation on the technology, which is based on LTO Network's hybrid chain. It will also shed some light on this newly envisioned ecosystem.

In preparation of TITANIUM, there will be a company brand refresh, and we will launch a new website to more effectively communicate all of our amazing use cases; be it B2B, B2C, or Crypto to Crypto.

Q1 2022

At the beginning of 2022, we will see the first stages of TITANIUM go live on LTO mainnet. This update will include several new transaction types.

We will also introduce the world’s first, NFT2.0 Wallet. This wallet will be open source, so that the entire cryptospace can make it their own and start building with it. The initial alpha version will allow users to store and manage their NFT assets.

Lastly, we plan to announce our first NFT2.0 partnership, focusing on the music industry.

Q2 2022

In Q2, we will have our second TITANIUM mainnet update, and we'll release the stable version of the NFT2.0 Wallet. This will enable more advanced features, including cross-chain functionality.

During this time, we are also aiming to announce our second NFT2.0 partnership, which will emphasize our ability to empower artists.

Q3 2022

In Q3, we will take NFT2.0 to the next level by adding WASM-based smart contracts on the private layer. These smart contracts can be embedded into the NFT2.0 packages. This will allow developers and businesses around the world to create their own ideas and ecosystems based around our technology.

We will also be working toward sharing our third NFT2.0 partnership, which will strategically strengthen our relations with the open metaverse.

Q4 2022

The last quarter of 2022 is reserved for driving adoption of NFT2.0 and further broadening the LTO ecosystem.

COBALT and TITANIUM together.

Our NFT2.0 technology will complement our DID technology to provide our business partners and clients with a more robust range of technologies that they can use to develop their privacy-aware applications.

Decentralized Identities and Verifiable Credentials are powerful tools to be utilized by all types of projects and blockchains. We will keep people updated about major milestones reached and/or new parties starting to use these offered tools when they arrive.

We cannot wait to share our exciting journey with our wonderful community and the entire world.

Together, we will explore the infinite possibilities of NFT2.0 through TITANIUM.

Arnold Daniels

Architect of LTO Network