RWA-Focused AMA Recap

AMA Published on: May 02, 2024 Last updated: May 02, 2024


Welcome to the recap of LTO Network's RWA-focused AMA session featuring our CEO, Rick Schmitz. Let's revisit the highlights and key insights shared during this engaging session.

The AMA session began with a taster from Rick Schmitz, who shared that the filming for the final segments of the Universal Wallet launch had been completed. Additionally, he announced his role as a speaker at the Blockchain Netherlands conference, scheduled for April 24th and 25th, 2024 where he will discuss RWAs, tokenization, legal frameworks, and LTO Network's contributions in these domains.


Q: What are some of the main challenges you encounter when bridging the gap between physical assets and digital representation?

Navigating the legal framework presents the greatest challenge. While tokenizing assets has become relatively easier nowadays, ensuring full legal compliance remains the tricky part.

Q: ​​When will we see Scantrust transactions?

Anytime soon!

Q: ​​What role does LTO Network play in enabling the interaction between the crypto community and decentralized RWAs?

We first develop use cases and raise awareness to demonstrate the benefits of tokenizing real-world assets.

Q: I read a lot that LTO is creating the most complete RWA ecosystem…what does it look like? What differentiates it from other RWA projects?

It encompasses every aspect: the network with our layer 1, the tokenization, and the legal framework, all conveniently packaged into one solution.

Q: How does LTO Network ensure that tokens representing assets remain useful even if the centralized party involved in tokenization disappears?

Token holders of a given RWA pool possess the authority to vote for transferring to an alternative centralized custodian or to sell the asset and distribute the resulting profits.

Q: And maybe a bit outside the recent Scantrust announcement, but could you elaborate a bit on the tokenomics side of Ownables? I know some things were written in the lite paper, but curious to see if that still applies or if there will be any major changes.

An announcement for a completely revamped tokenomics is slated toward the end of May 2024.

Q: How does LTO Network's suite of technologies address the complex issues around identity and legal ownership in the tokenization of real-world assets?

Our Proofi technology stands out as an excellent solution for the issues. Identification will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the Web3 space in the future.

Q: Would it be possible for LTO to create a platform for voting in elections in combination with Proofi and Digital IDs? It's more of a thought, rather than a question.

Certainly, but achieving that will require some political changes in regulations.

Q: What are the benefits of being a Layer 1 for RWAs compared to being a Layer 2?

We have the flexibility to optimize and customize the functionality of our layer 1 blockchain to align perfectly with our RWA narrative, something that isn't feasible with a layer 2 solution to the same extent.

Q: What are the key features of LTO Network's RWA ecosystem that makes it robust and capable of handling the entire lifecycle of assets?

Our identity technology, tokenization functionality, and legal framework.


Q: What's your main focus right now? Are you focused on the community or on the market, exchanges, or products?

We are currently directing our efforts at our new tokenomics for EQTY: Our RWA solution. There will be a completely new token reward system behind it. The holders of $LTO will profit from the proceeds of the treasury.

Q: Everyone is running after new blockchains, so don't you think that having too many blockchains is going to hamper the crypto industry? Interoperability and synergies between blockchains are the demands of time. What role will the LTO blockchain play in the IoT and AI industries?

We're not going to focus on the AI and IoT narrative. Instead, we'll focus on RWAs. The RWA  sector is the biggest in the space, aligns well with the technologies we've been developing for years, and presents excellent opportunities for us.

Q: What are you most excited about short-term and long-term?

We've got a lot in the pipeline, but let's kick things off with the new mobile native wallet. It's currently undergoing the final security review and will be ready for launch afterward. I’m personally very excited about this major step.

Q: ​​Many investors only focus on the price of a token in the short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you tell us about the benefits for investors in the long term and the reasons for them to stay motivated?

We've been holding onto our resources for this moment, for the incoming bull run, and we're just getting started on what we're capable of achieving.

Q: Do you think the RWA trend will explode in 2024?

The RWA sector has already seen significant developments, but we anticipate that more companies will follow suit by tokenizing shares, illiquid assets, and more to create liquidity. It simply makes sense to fractionalize assets like mortgages or portions of private companies.

Q: ​​What are the key components of the EQTY project, and how do they contribute to the adoption of LTO RWAs?

EQTY will be a new solution integrated with LTO Network which will also introduce a fresh reward system and benefit all $LTO mainnet holders.

Q: ​​How does the LTO Network Universal Wallet enhance the management of RWAs?

It will encompass essential features such as import, consume, transfer, and more, facilitating the management of your Ownable assets. Additionally, it will display your LTO holdings and staking proceeds. [It will also allow you to create Ownables]

Q: What types of real-world assets are currently supported or planned for tokenization on RWA?

Our RWA solution will support the tokenization of various assets, such as mortgages, shares, valuable items such as watches or gold, etc. Our legal framework in partnership with the online notary Firm24 makes this possible.

Q: Can you give us an update about goLand and or maybe the casino project? Any new ones?

GoLand is thriving! Our team has been working tirelessly to finalize a versatile goLand product for countries to integrate into their existing systems. Stay tuned for updates on our new partners in the coming weeks.

Q: ​​What strategies does LTO Network have in place to ensure the liquidity of tokenized assets on its platform, especially during market downturns?

Several market makers and liquidity providers are tasked with managing this aspect.

Q: LTO is quite well represented in Europe. But LTO wants to become the no.1 RWA. When will there be more fame in, for example, the US?

Indeed, we're currently exploring the initial RWA use cases in the USA, which will greatly enhance our visibility. Additionally, we're in constant contact with US exchanges.

Q: As for the LTO Universal Wallet, will it be available all over the world so people can secure their RWAs in this wallet?

Absolutely. It's an app accessible to everyone worldwide.

Q: How can the community help your project be successful? Do you have a local community or ambassador program to expand the marketing of LTO tokens? And what is the contribution of your project to the community?

We're set to unveil a fresh community incentive program with EQTY. Stay tuned for more details!

Q: How solid is your technical base?

Our network has been up and running smoothly since January 2018, without any downtime or issues.

Q: ​​When was LTO Network created? What is the most ambitious goal of the project? What should the community look for in the project?

LTO Network, the company, was created in 2017. Our most ambitious goal is tokenizing 1% of all assets eligible for tokenization.  By 2030, the total value of on-chain RWAs is estimated to be 16 Trillion USD. 1% of that is 160 Billion USD.

Q: How do you differentiate LTO from other blockchain projects that focus on scalable solutions, especially the Ethereum Network with the upgrade to ETH 2.0?

They function as a more generic smart contract chain. However, we opted for a different narrative, stripping away many redundant functions to maintain a lightweight and fast system.

Q: How does LTO Network ensure the privacy of sensitive data related to the legal status and ownership of assets?

We've implemented a private layer on top of the LTO blockchain, ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR (privacy rules) and MiCA, among others.

Q: Can you please tell us more about the United Nations partnership. How many countries is LTO working with?

We're very active in expanding the goLand registry solution we built in collaboration with the UN. Several countries are in the pipeline!

Q: ​​Can you give some more info about the TENDER LTO won?

We're cooking up the announcement. It takes time to unveil big things!

Q: Staking programs are very important for any project. Can I stake $LTO token?

Yes, you can currently stake your LTO coins via our web mainnet wallet for the most rewards.

Wallet Link:

Q: Is there any chance of becoming a network with templates for daily legal stuff in Europe? To utilize regular contracts into smart contracts and Ownables. To make real tech available for legal formats.

That industry is challenging. We would rather prefer to construct rule sets for RWA tokenization directly into smart contracts that are interoperable with the LTO Network. That approach makes more sense.

Q: How does LTO Network plan to incentivize the adoption of its technology among real-world entities and notaries, considering the complexities of blockchain integration?

In areas where blockchain integration isn't currently feasible, we'll bypass it. For instance, tokenizing shares may not be legally viable, but creating derivatives based on them is. By pushing boundaries, we set the stage for legal reforms to catch up.

Q: How can your Ownables technology change the way people share ownership of things like property or art? And how might this make it easier for more people to invest in these assets, even if they only have a small amount of money to contribute?

This is exactly what we're unveiling to the world in the next two weeks. All the content for the launch has already been prepared.

Q: I think LTO Network is a great project and will be successful. What exactly are your goals?

We aim to become the go-to framework for RWA tokenization, offering a comprehensive solution as an all-in-one package.

Q: What is your biggest obstacle? Many projects look great only on their white paper and roadmap but face many difficulties when trying to implement the project mission and end up failing. How will you overcome every obstacle in the development of the project?

By always maintaining the flexibility to pivot, whether it's adjusting team size, marketing strategies, or other aspects. Also, allocating resources wisely; there is, for example, no point in depleting cash reserves if there's little activity in the space.


Once again, we had a great time sharing new developments, progress, and our vision for the future of RWAs with our community. A sincere thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion.

LTO Network's Layer 1 blockchain technology is paving the way for a brighter future in the world of RWAs!

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