TicTag and LTO Network: connecting the offline world with the blockchain.

Adoption Published on: Jul 16, 2019 Last updated: Dec 23, 2019

Dutch startup TicTag, specializing in interactive Proof of Location hardware via the use of SmartTags, joins LTO Network’s Ecosystem V and integrates LTO permissionless public blockchain for verification and security of IoT data.

How inconvenient is it to carry different keys and company cards to unlock different doors? Why not just use your phone for all these small interactions in the physical world? That’s exactly what TicTag specialize in: creating an online experience for customers in an offline environment via the use of unique hardware called SmartTags.

SmartTag: from physical keys to smartphones

A SmartTag embeds a unique 5-point identifier which gives a product or location a unique ID. A customer can then scan that SmartTag with their app to initiate an event, by making use of a multi-touch screen and pressing it against the SmartTag. The SmartTag identifies the product and location, and an app identifies the person and its information.

It is TicTag’s dream that everyone will soon only need their smartphone and can leave keys, wallets and savings cards at home. Using this technology, companies gain more insight into who their customers are. The customer retains control over their data because they can choose much more consciously to make a connection or not.

Securing IoT Data on the Blockchain

TicTag is now integrating its products with the LTO Network public blockchain, to increase the security of their IoT data. Every single scan of a tag gets anchored on LTO Network, which prevents the data from being tampered with. Therefore, it removes the possibility of fraud within the system. For companies within the engineering sector, uptime risk reduction and compliance are of great importance. A SmartTag can be attached to machinery to show performance data, manuals, safety protocols, and maintenance history. The need for any paper checklists will be gone, all of which will contribute to less downtime and increased assurance.

“We believe that a user should be the owner of his data and decide when he wants to share something or not. Blockchain adds another layer of protection and security to the IoT Data. By integrating with LTO Network, we are choosing the best blockchain worldwide partner in anchoring. Moreso, we look forward to upgrading our workflows to Live Contracts, which would make user interaction even more secure without compromising usability.”

Pieter Heersink, CEO at TicTag

A multitude of use cases enabled by the blockchain

In the retail sector, TicTag allows brands to increase the connection with customers by using SmartTags on their products, shelves, and store-entrances. These can then be scanned by customers to start a video, obtain information or collect loyalty points. Brands can then use all the information to provide the customer with customized sales offers, additional information or ads. All of this removes the need for traditional loyalty stamps and customer cards.

By replacing traditional keys and locks with a lock that’s connected to a SmartTag, a homeowner can always give people permission to enter their house, without having to be home themselves. This can be done in the online portal, where owners of SmartTags can choose what actions a SmartTag triggers and also which people can scan a SmartTag. Companies can use the same system to allow employees and clients access to their buildings.

Finally, home rental services like Airbnb but also vehicle rental services can use this technology to remove the need for physical keys and remove the need to meet in person. Rental companies can grant a certain user the rights to unlock a door for an apartment they rent, and the same goes for a car or any other supported vehicle. Since these events are based on trust, they are a very good example as to why LTO Network’s anchoring provides added safety and value.

The SmartTag allows for Proof of Presence or Proof of Location. It allows you to track attendance for students and employees or externally hired contractors, which in turn allows for the automation of payrolls. Just like with locks, attendance checking is also very trust-sensitive which makes anchoring of added value.

“The number of use cases for TicTag is growing together with the increasing usage of smartphones. We at LTO Network are excited to collaborate with TicTag and grow further in the B2C industry together, making blockchain adoption even more wide-spread. We expect to see steady growth in transactions after the upcoming integration and are looking forward to deepening our partnership.”

Rick Ros, Head of Sales at LTO Network

Privacy and Transparency Can Co-Exist

The integration is planned for later this summer. It will start by enabling anchoring of every scan and event happening with the use of SmartTags, with the possibility of expanding the functionalities and use cases thanks to Live Contracts integration, blockchain-enabled process automation which retains users’ control over their data. Companies believe that privacy and transparency are not mutually exclusive and are willing to prove it.

TicTag’s CEO article on LinkedIn.

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