TITANIUM - Testnet Activated

Announcement Published on: Sep 13, 2022 Last updated: Sep 14, 2022

The TITANIUM upgrade brings changes both to the private and public layer of the LTO Network. On the public blockchain, it adds the mapped anchor and statement transaction types, plus changes to the association transaction type. On the private layer, we now have support for CosmWasm. Embedded media, and rollback protection is also added.

Decentralized Knowledge Graph

Under the hood, the LTO identity platform works as a decentralized graph. Information is derived from associations between accounts. With TITANIUM, the capabilities of the decentralized graph are greatly improved, allowing it to be used for other purposes as well.

The data transaction allows storing properties of an account. It will also be possible to store properties of an association. The LTO indexer will process the data and association transactions and store the information in a Redis Graph. This gives LTO an edge over other decentralized knowledge graphs, as projects can directly query Redis with Cypher, rather than having to implement a blockchain-specific library.

Supply chains

The statement transaction allows organizations to store information publicly on the blockchain. This can be used for a variety of use cases, one of which is supply chain management.

Managing supply chains on the blockchain has fallen flat from its initial promise. Tracking individual items using NFTs through the whole chain is great for a demo, but unpractical in real life. It doesn’t work well with mass-produced items, plus it requires everyone to participate, from the manufacturer to the consumer.

Statement transactions allow a different approach. Organizations choose to be more transparent about their role in the chain, to showcase good behaviour. As more organizations join, consumers get a better insight, incentivising moral choices in a sector.


The main focus of the TITANIUM upgrade is Ownables. Owables are CosmWasm smart contracts that run in your wallet rather than on-chain.

Mapped anchor transactions allow anchoring events to the blockchain as key/value pairs. The pair prevent manipulation and rollbacks of the event chain, even if there’s only a single copy.

For the private layer, a new version of the private layer is implemented that supports embedding media. Most importantly, it allows the compiled Wasm contract to be added as genesis event. In addition, the event chain now supports images, audio and videos.

For more information on Ownables, please see the Titanium Litepaper.

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