LTO Network announces partnership with Wealize to develop a next-generation unified wallet to store and manage Coins, Digital Identity Credentials and NFT2.0 Ownables.

Announcement Published on: Apr 26, 2022 Last updated: Apr 26, 2022

AMSTERDAM, April 26, 2022 - LTO Network has commenced a partnership with digital studio, Wealize (Spain), to develop a next-generation Wallet that will unify LTO Network’s exciting new blockchain technologies, which focus on digital identities, ownership and privacy.

In Q3 2021, LTO Network released the Cobalt Mainnet Update and also the Titanium Litepaper. Both of these technologies enable LTO Network’s blockchain to become a full-service platform for a wide range of solutions solving problems around digital identities (DIDs) and the future of digital content ownership using their NFT2.0 platform and Ownables technology.

The intention of the partnership is to develop a unified wallet that provides users with a singular interface from which to manage LTO Network’s identity credentials, NFT2.0 assets (Ownables) and cryptocurrency assets.

Wealize is a digital product studio headquartered in Spain—within the past five years, Wealize has quickly risen as a leader in the realm of next generation technologies, focusing primarily on artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technologies. Wealize’s global team of experts prides themself on developing world-class products and solutions woven together to advance self-managed digital identities, verifiable credentials, data sharing, and traceability, in projects where privacy, trustworthiness, and transparency play a crucial role.

“LTO Network has an excellent set of technologies which we are excited to develop products around. We are thrilled to have partnered together to work on their upcoming wallet. From our initial discussions and plans, we believe that together we will deliver a world-first product of its kind that ties assets together in a way that has not been done before. - Miguel Calero (Co-Founder, Wealize)

About LTO Network

LTO Network is Europe's most advanced blockchain project. It is fully decentralised and highly efficient. Currently it is used worldwide by businesses, governments and institutions like the UN, Dutch government and more.

The network has several technologies that can be used to provide solutions for decentralized data security, digital identities, privacy and the ownership of digital assets and digital collectibles.

About Wealize

Wealize is a digital product studio with the upper hand in blockchain, conversational agents, cognitive services, mobile apps and web development. At Wealize, our team is driving the change you need to thrive in the digital age. We work internationally for mid-market organizations and promising startups, with more than 50 organisations around the world already using our solutions: Spain, USA, Belgium, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Guinea, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and more.

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