Increasing Transparency: Xangle

Announcement Published on: Jul 03, 2019 Last updated: Dec 23, 2019

Back in summer 2018, LTO Network was one of the first projects to push for ICO transparency. We published proofs of client engagements, code reviews, and metrics of all sale rounds – allowing the community to make educated choices and have all the information available for deep due diligence. Then Messari, one of the biggest US sources for cryptocurrency news, recognized our efforts and granted a “full transparency” label as part of their registry in February 2019. You can find LTO page here.

Later on, Binance Info granted LTO Network a V-Label.

As we don’t just regularly update the community, but actually give a chance to everybody to influence LTO Network’s strategy and trajectory – we do not intend to stop on this transparency route. It’s time to expand our reach to other regions! We are humbled to join the new initiative by Xangle and provide updates to exchanges and communities in Asian markets. Special thanks to our friends at Fantom for introducing us.

We have updated the profile with the most relevant information and will be seeking opportunities on how to increase LTO Network’s community presence in Asia. Xangle, a crypto asset disclosure platform that provides comprehensive information on projects, will be one of our partners going forward into the Korean market. Check out the profile of LTO Network:

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