Xurux and LTO Network fostering blockchain adoption

Adoption Published on: Sep 10, 2019 Last updated: Jan 07, 2020

We are excited to welcome a new integrator to LTO Network’s Ecosystem V – Xurux. Financial Services, Logistics & Retail, Telecom & Energy – Xurux team are experienced in different areas and have worked with major corporations before like Vodafone Ziggo, ING, and others. Together, we will be fostering blockchain adoption, contributing to higher LTO Network mainnet usage.

Imagine LTO Network as a backend platform: a lot of code and customizable features. But the question is: how can normal users interact with it? That’s where Xurux comes in as a team of professionals focused on building blockchain-based solutions for companies.

Xurux building products on top of LTO Network

For example, you have an LTO Network toolkit for anchoring and creating decentralized workflows, an API service, and more. Then some company wants a blockchain-based solution to secure the integrity of their workflow audits. Xurux team use the toolkit and integrate LTO Network into existing applications of that company or even build a new application themselves.

The company gets a working solution on the blockchain and streamlines their processes with increased security. Xurux gets paid by that company for building and integrating the solution. LTO Network gets an increase in transactions. It’s important to maintain this value chain and align incentives to grow further.

Welcoming Xurux to our ecosystem V alongside other integrators and software applications.

What are some other examples? SignRequest offers blockchain-based digital signatures while end-users experience the same smooth UI and don’t have to learn to code. Users interact with the signing process as usual, but get a signing log with the Proof of Existence of the signature on the blockchain. Thus, following the integrator strategy, we are able to reach end-users via system integrators and independent software providers.

“Xurux thinks highly of the technical capacities of LTO Network! In future projects we consult, we will combine our knowledge and approach to implement useful blockchain solutions.”

Peter Mols, Founder of Xurux

Xurux is a dedicated blockchain consultancy and implementation start-up, with a proven track record of blockchain projects for the Dutch Land Registry, Deltares, and Vodafone Ziggo. They also provide consultancy services and speak at events, sharing their vision of blockchain adoption on the enterprise level.

“We are proud to welcome Xurux to our Ecosystem V. Xurux combines the knowledge of blockchain technology with experience in various industries. They have built multiple successful use cases and we’re excited they add LTO Network to their portfolio. We look forward to this collaboration.”

Rick Ros, Head of Sales at LTO Network
Signing together with Xurux.

Learn more about how organizations can use the blockchain:

  1. Independent software vendors → Software applications that can anchor data on LTO Layer 1 public permissionless blockchain to secure the integrity of digital data. Here is a detailed business pitch.
  2. System integrators  → Companies and providers utilizing LTO Layer 2 decentralized workflow engine to automate processes and solve the issues of data silos. Here is a detailed business pitch.

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