Game of Nodes II.

Announcement Published on: Nov 14, 2023 Last updated: Nov 14, 2023

Are you ready to lay siege upon the battlefield? LTO Network is back with Game of Nodes II, a thrilling contest for nodes that rewards honor and resilience and gives you the chance to win amazing rewards.

Game of Nodes II is more than just a competition; it's a celebration of our vibrant community and an opportunity to strengthen the LTO Network with additional nodes.

Whether you're an experienced node operator or new to the game, this event is designed to be inclusive and refreshing for everyone.

Gamers Rules (for Node Operators):

To participate you must register a node and follow the rules.


Set up a NEW node. For people who are new to LTO nodes, here is a guide on how to get started.



Register your new node: Once your node is set up, head over to our registration page to sign up and join the game.

Registration Page Link:


Keep Your Node Running: Your node needs to be operational throughout the rest of Nodevember.


For the Major winner, your node needs to remain running for 180 days after the competition ends for your prize wallet to be unlocked.


For the Lucky Draw winners, your node will need to be operational for a further 60 days after the competition ends for your prize wallet to be unlocked.

Full list of prizes and rewards:

Continuous Participation Winners (10 Winners)

Major Winner.

The LTO Network team will vote for their favorite new node. The node that emerges as the winner will unlock the prize wallet of a $500 reward in LTO coins.

Lucky Draw.

The LTO Network team will select nine Lucky Draw winners. If your node is one of the nine lucky draw winners, you will unlock the prize wallet of $50 worth of  $LTO coins.

Early Bird Prizes.

The adventure doesn't stop there! If your node manages to stay operational throughout the entire node month, you'll receive a bonus of $25 worth of LTO coins. But there's a catch; this bonus is available only to the first 15 nodes that join the event, so be quick and secure your spot!

About LTO Network.

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The network offers several technologies to provide solutions for decentralized data security, digital identities, privacy, and the ownership of digital assets and digital collectibles.

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