LTO Network x Bit Hotel Partnership

Main Published on: Feb 08, 2022 Last updated: Feb 08, 2022

Blockchain project, LTO Network (Netherlands) and Bit Hotel (Netherlands) announce a joint partnership to explore and develop Web 3.0, blockchain and metaverse enabled gaming with a focus on LTO Network’s NFT2.0 and Ownables technology.

This will be a collaborative effort done through the development of asset standards and the mutual sharing of expertise in their respective areas of work.

This partnership makes Bit Hotel and its parent company “Metaverse Games Studio” the first team to join LTO Network’s new initiative, which aims to lead the way in solving the problem of how in-game assets will function and interoperate in a future when there are multiple metaverses.

Digital Assets and Metaverses

Bit Hotel’s main focus has been its self-titled NFT-based game, lead by the charismatic duo of Bram Hoogenkamp (Tech Lead) and Leon (Operations Lead).

Now through parent company, “Metaverse Games Studio”, this expertise is now being extended and provided as a service for 3rd party projects and clients who wish to build metaverses and with Web 3.0 applications.

LTO Network’s NFT2.0 tech is a platform that enables decentralized asset ownership and ‘Ownables’ are the name given to digital assets that, unlike current NFTs, remain in a user's possession and control.

Together, LTO Network and Metaverse Games Studio will explore ways to employ NFT2.0 and Ownables for projects and games.

The collaboration will also explore how to solve issues that both teams feel will be a major barrier to platform and game interoperability in a world where there are multiple metaverses hosting many different games and applications.

“I see a situation where, for decentralized assets to succeed, we will need to determine a way for these assets to be compatible between platforms. We want true decentralization to succeed, so we are leading the charge here.” - Shawn Naderi (CMO, LTO Network)

Gaming Integrator

Metaverse Games Studio will operate as an integrator for LTO Network and provide a broad range of expertise to help aspiring interactive projects set up for a decentralized future.

Its role as an integrator allows for the delivery of solutions using LTO Network’s blockchain and NFT2.0 technology, built on LTO Network’s Ownables technology.

“Metaverse Games Studio is an excellent partner because they are going to build metaverses not just for themselves, but for various partners.” - Rick Schmitz (CEO, LTO Network).