LTO Network - Q1 Recap, 2024

Recap Published on: Apr 16, 2024 Last updated: Apr 16, 2024


1. Introduction

2. Q1 Operations

3. RWA Roadmap

4. Partnerships & Memberships

5. Technical Milestones

6. Events

7. Popular publications

8. Closing Words

1. Introduction

Welcome to the LTO Network recap of Q1 2024! Looking back at the past three months, we can confidently say that they were filled with rapid advancements in our building of the world's most advanced ecosystem for Real World Assets (RWAs). We have also seen a significant increase in engagement on our socials, most notably on 𝕏 (formerly Twitter), attended real-life events as well as 𝕏-Spaces, and made progress on many more fronts.

Let's take a closer look at some of the highlights and achievements that showcase how LTO Network is engaging with Web3 and not only reshaping the future of blockchain but also unlocking new possibilities for Real World Assets on its blockchain network.

2. Q1 Operations

What are operations?

Operations represent valuable data and records that securely reside within our blockchain network. Think of them as bundled transactions that help projects to save costs by being more efficient.

In the first quarter of 2024, our clients executed a total of 3,038,102 operations on the LTO Network blockchain, an increase of 34,190 operations compared to the previous quarter (3,003,912).

3. 2024 RWA Roadmap

LTO Network to host RWAs on its Blockchain

We started working on our RWA ecosystem in early 2024. This work will carry over into the second quarter of 2024, when LTO Network will launch the world’s most complete Real World Assets ecosystem. You've seen glimpses of what's to come on our socials and rest assured, we have worked diligently on our RWA roadmap throughout the past months with significant advancements.


4. Partnerships & Memberships


  • Scantrust

Scantrust and LTO Network have joined forces to ensure the security and transparency of items.

Together, we're taking the battle against counterfeit goods to the next level.


  • lilAI

LTO Network and lilAI have collaborated to boost community interaction and bolster security!

The incorporation of lilAI's AntiSpam bot into our official Telegram community guarantees a safer environment for discussions.



In February 2024, we joined the OMA3 alliance as a member. Together, we are leading the charge toward a user-owned metaverse and advancing interoperability.


5. Technical Milestones

  • Ownables bridge

The building of our Ownables Bridge is complete!

The bridge facilitates the seamless bridging of Ownables as cross-chain assets.

With the ability to navigate across various chains and networks, Ownables now have the opportunity to unlock their full potential for communities around the globe.


  • LTO Network Mainnet marked its fifth anniversary!

Half a decade ago, we unveiled the LTO Network Mainnet.

Over the years, the network has facilitated over 80 million transactions, safeguarding crucial data and sensitive information for businesses worldwide.

  • Universal Wallet

The Relay Server code is finished.

The Ownables Generator app, which allows the easy creation of Ownables without coding skills, is almost done. All that is required now is to connect it to the Relay Server so it sends the Ownable to the person who asked for it to be made.

The backend for the Ownables Bridge is complete; frontend work is ongoing. Once the Relay Server is integrated, transferring Ownables between users via the wallet will be enabled.

  • Universal Wallet Roadmap

The technologies we are building are world-changing, and as you can see, the team has had quite a few tasks to work on.

The roadmap above shows the high-level tasks our developers have to address. They fall into four main categories:

1 - Ownables Generator
A major instrument in the adoption of Ownables, allowing users to easily create assets from within the wallet itself without the need for any coding skills

2 - Bridge
The bridge allows Ownables to connect to other blockchain networks by locking an Ownable and issuing a corresponding NFT. While the backend is finished, the complex task of making the wallet seamlessly interact with the bridge is currently being worked on.

3 - Transfer Relay
This service is used to send Ownables from wallet to wallet.

4 - General
There’s overarching work to be done. Our development team will first add all of the above steps to the SDK wallet. Our web and mobile app partner, Rocketlab, will then integrate those elements into the Universal Wallet. This is a relatively speedy process.

To guarantee the best product possible, we also need to carry out quite a bit of testing. We plan to expand the alpha to be community-wide, leading us to the eventual security audit testing.

The tasks on the roadmap were created in January 2024. As you can see, our new developers have made considerable progress in only two months. In a short timeframe, they have learned our entire tech stack and the methodologies used to develop our Ownables and RWA ecosystem, and we are positive that they will continue to steadily advance the Universal Wallet toward the finish line.

We will provide consistent updates to the community on the progress of the remaining tasks.

Development Update and Progress

  • Ownables Bridge - Done.
  • LTO RWAs Stage 1 - In progress.
  • Ownables Wallet Integration - In progress.
  • Proofi Biometric Integration - In progress.
  • Land Registry Deployment - In progress.

We are working with Bluebiometrics as they update their APIs to allow us to integrate Proofi into our Universal Wallet. This will open up a number of possible use cases, from using your wallet as proof of your humanity to authenticating original Ownables.

Our Goland software has been receiving continued developments. After rounds of initial testing by our partner countries, we have commenced updating the software with additional features that were requested.

We expect to deliver these updates to our partner nations in April and continue the next phase of their testing activities leading towards full-scale deployment.

6. Events

  • Digital Asset Summit

Our CEO, Rick Schmitz, attended the Digital Asset Summit in London to showcase LTO Network to the public eye.

  • LTO Network and Unizen Community Hub

We conducted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in the Unizen community, delving deep into the details of our partnership and providing comprehensive insights into our approach to Real World Assets.

Here's a recap of the session with answers to questions such as "Are you going to bring RWAs to Unizen?":

  • NFT Paris

For two days, we proudly showed Ownables to the world at NFT Paris and surrounding side events. Armed with branded merchandise and informative flyers, we capitalized on the chance to forge new connections, stay abreast of the latest Web3 trends, and showcase the Ownables demo to multiple attendees.

Our return was marked by a sense of inspiration, fueled by the innovation and promising future of the space that LTO Network is poised to be a significant part of!

  • 𝕏 (formerly Twitter) Space with RWA Finance

We had the pleasure of being invited to speak on an RWA-focused 𝕏 (formerly Twitter) space hosted by RWA Finance.

Here's the replay link to the insightful discussion:

7. Popular publications


  • Europe’s Answer to Business Blockchain and RWA Needs

  • Interview with Rick Schmitz hosted by Mickey Maler

Navigating New RWA Horizons: Rick Schmitz on Bridging Blockchain and Traditional Finance

  • Hackernoon recognized LTO Network as one of the leading RWA Crypto Projects for the years 2024 and 2025.

Unlocking 2024/25: The Ultimate Guide to Top RWA Crypto Projects

8. Closing Words

As we reflect on the achievements and progress of LTO Network in Quarter One, we remain steadfast in our commitment to building the world's most advanced Real World Assets ecosystem. With each milestone reached and partnership forged, we are not only solidifying our position in the blockchain space but also paving the way for transformative solutions in various industries. As we look ahead, our focus remains unwavering, and we're excited to continue pushing boundaries, driving innovation, and realizing the full potential of the LTO Network ecosystem.

About LTO Network

LTO Network is a privacy-aware Layer-1 blockchain for Real World Assets, Data Security, and Identity Solutions.

The platform is designed for business process efficiency and security. It combines a public layer for transparency and a private layer for data security, ensuring GDPR and MiCA compliance. This dual-layer approach makes it ideal for enterprises requiring data privacy and regulatory adherence.

LTO Network also offers tokenization of RWAs through their Ownables technology, enabling assets to be brought on-chain and allowing them to interact with the world of DeFi and Web3.

LTO Network's KYC services help maintain compliance with anti-money laundering laws as well as offering Proof-of-Humanity services to protect Web3 and DeFi platforms from bots.

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