LTO Network & Rocket Lab to Bring Ownables to Life

Ownables Published on: Nov 09, 2023 Last updated: Nov 09, 2023

LTO Network announces partnership with Australian web and mobile app studio Rocket Lab to deliver the world’s most advanced digital-asset platform for real-world and digital assets based on blockchain technology.

In September 2022, LTO Network released an alpha version of its Titanium network upgrade, which laid the groundwork for their much anticipated Ownables technology.

Ownables promises to deliver a next-generation asset class that can deliver groundbreaking solutions for digital collectibles and real-world assets for public use.

The partnership with Rocket Lab aims to deliver its Ownables technology natively to iOS and Android users in full, allowing the greater crypto community access to this new ecosystem.

“After a very long deliberation process, we have reached the conclusion that Rocket Lab has the expertise to deliver this world-first technology that will not only benefit our users but change the very nature of how people look at blockchain and the crypto space.”  Shawn Naderi - LTO Network COO

"We are super excited for the opportunity to work on the groundbreaking Ownables. Our team’s expertise in software development and ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions are a perfect match for LTO Network’s forward-thinking approach to technology. "  Julien Lamy - Founder & CEO

About LTO Network

LTO Network is Europe's most advanced blockchain project. It is fully decentralized and highly efficient. Currently, it is used worldwide by businesses, governments, and institutions like the UN, the Dutch government, and more.

The network has several technologies that can be used to provide solutions for decentralized data security, digital identities, privacy, and the ownership of real-world and digital assets, as well as digital collectibles.

About Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab is an Australian-based software engineering company with specialties in design & development, mobile apps & enterprise solutions.

Since 2014, Rocket Lab's mission is to build quality solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies and develop ideas that are at the forefront of innovation. Recognized as a leader in various web & mobile frameworks, Rocket Lab has partnered with companies such as Red Bull, Pearson, James Hardie, Virtually Human, Independent Reserve, and most recently, Superloop.

Rocket Lab is a welcomed partner to the LTO Network, and both companies look forward to a rewarding partnership.

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