Sphereon is integrating its product suite with LTO Network, adding thousands of transactions

Main Published on: Jul 07, 2020 Last updated: Jul 28, 2020

Amsterdam, July 7 2020.

With LTO Network becoming one of the most widely adopted blockchains, we’re not slowing down. Today, we welcome not just a client or an integrator, but a whole product suite that’s already running at various government agencies and private companies - Sphereon.

Let’s dive into this massive integrator!

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Sphereon was incorporated in 2016 with the goal to create trust in a digital world through scalable security applications. Sphereon builds solutions in co-creation with software developers, system integrators and corporates. They help integrate current business systems with various blockchain technologies through their Sphereon Gateway using standard plug-ins and APIs. And that’s where LTO Network comes in - the API that ensures data integrity and efficient collaboration between multiple stakeholders.

Application builders and independent software vendors, like Sphereon, are blockchain (fabric) agnostic - for obvious reasons. Why would they bet on one horse if the end-client might just prefer another horse. Yet, in the end it often comes down to technology fundamentals as well as the financial burdens that come with this extra layer of security. Thus far, Sphereon has integrated with Ethereum, Factom and HyperLedger, amongst several others.

LTO Network is a new addition to their family, thanks to the simplicity of integration as well as a more attractive financial model. LTO Network has proven itself as the most cost-efficient and fast data integrity blockchain solution available, currently securing around 50.000 data objects per day. With a micro-block time of 1.2 seconds, data integrity is almost instantaneous, with costs significantly lower than its data integrity competitors.

“We focus on repeatable solutions on blockchains with real production use. LTO Network really stood out for us because of their fast growing transaction volume, as well as for its ease of integration in our existing solutions. We often get questions from our clients about what the future of blockchain beholds for them and with LTO Network in our portfolio and apps, we can give our clients many more opportunities to reap the benefits of blockchain technology, than already today. We’re looking forward to many more integrations and projects together with LTO Network in the future!”

Sebastian Boender, CEO of Sphereon

This puts LTO Network in a great position to tap into the existing application infrastructure of Sphereon, that’s already widely integrated in various governmental bodies and private companies. Their blockchain solutions ecosystem and their users are one of the biggest worldwide!

“By adding the Sphereon product suite to LTO Network, we’re taking a big leap on our already successful integrator approach. With their apps already running at all these large end-clients, we should see an increase in network transactions coming in very soon. I highly recommend checking out their product suite as a business (owner), since there are blockchain opportunities for every business in there!”

Rick Schmitz, CEO of LTO Network

These organizations run various tools from the Sphereon product suite:

All high-end products with product-market fit that will suit perfectly in the current business verticals that LTO Network is used through various other partners, creating even more possibilities.

We expect a dedicated node and transactions to appear on mainnet within the next few weeks. LTO Network anchoring will be enabled by default in some of Sphereon’s applications, added as an option together with others, and will be used in new use cases that we will be developing together. In fact, this article is just one of the few we are planning with Sphereon. Stay tuned for more!

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Martijn Broersma

Ex-COO of LTO Network